Trompe L’Oeil (The Curator Anthology)

You can now purchase The Curator. While my story is PG-13, the anthology itself is rated R, as at least one of the stories has a fair bit of profanity in it.


Who Is the Curator?

And why is the Curator’s body in a high-tech cargo container filled with priceless works of art?

When a salvage ship stumbles on the debris sphere of a long lost colony transport, they’re not expecting to find much. Spotting an intact cargo container within the debris, they’re surprised. Especially when they discover it’s still got power. Inside they find a skeleton in a spacesuit, immediately dubbed “The Curator,” and hundreds of lost, priceless paintings, all maintained at safe temperatures by an onboard fusion generator.

Who is the Curator? How did the Curator survive the explosion that destroyed the transport? Knowing that rescue was impossible, why did the Curator spend the last few months of dwindling life support writing stories about the paintings?


This is the premise of The Hourlings anthology, The Curator, which is currently out on Amazon. Each story incorporates a painting or work of art in some way, as if written by the curator himself. For my own story, I’ve chosen Claude Monet’s Palm Trees at Bordighera. Here’s the blurb for “Trompe L’Oeil.”

When Specialist Rodney Baker finds himself abandoned on an alien planet after a failed military assault, he realizes he will die there. Alone. When another lost soldier, Elijah Clark, contacts him, he learns there is one final evac ship coming in three days. Baker must meet Clark at the extraction point, but the alien wilderness won’t make it an easy trip. Can Baker be saved?

Monet_Palm treesPalm Trees at Bordighera, Claude Monet