Trompe L’Oeil (The Curator Anthology)


Monet_Palm treesPalm Trees at Bordighera, Claude Monet

In deep space, a salvage vessel comes across the remains of ship. The crew is thrilled to find a cache of priceless paintings in a cargo container, but they are unprepared for the body. The Curator, as they call him, locked himself away with these works of art, and maneuvered them away from the disaster that destroyed his ship. Knowing he would probably die before he was found, in order to stay sane, he began writing stories about the paintings that would witness his death.

This is the premise of The Hourling’s anthology, The Curator, coming in Summer 2018. Each story will incorporate a painting or work of art in some way, as if written by the curator himself. For my own story, I’ve chosen Claude Monet’s Palm Trees at Bordighera. Here’s the synopsis for “Trompe L’Oeil.”

When Specialist Rodney Baker finds himself abandoned on an alien planet after a failed military assault, he realizes he will die there. Alone. When another lost soldier contacts him to tell him about one final evac opportunity, Baker must make it to the extraction point in time. While he struggles against the environment, he discovers that physical obstacles are nothing compared to his own demons.

While my story is PG-13, the anthology itself is rated R, as at least one of the stories has a fair bit of profanity in it.