Imagining my very own “Book Box”

Today’s post is really more of a link, but here’s the explanation.

I was listening to a podcast about book boxes where an author was describing the swag she included in launch boxes for her book. What a cool idea! While I don’t subscribe to any book boxes, I think they’re awesome.

I tried to imagine what I would have put in my “launch box” for The Kepos Problem if I’d made one.

This exercise was harder than anticipated, but I came up with a few ideas and headed over to pinterest.

Ultimately some of the things I thought of with wouldn’t really be feasible in their pinned form, but there are some ideas I like.

  1. The book, The Kepos Problem!
  2. Flower pot and seeds
  3. “Maximute” (aka malamute) plush or pin
  4. Shooting star jewelry (like in the StellAcademy logo)
  5. Machi plush or something (tapir-inspired)
  6. Nerdy biology joke T shirt
  7. Something resembling a glowglobe

Here’s a link to the board on pinterest. I included thoughts on each item there.

What sort of swag do you like to see in a book box?

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