Blogging, aka I do what I want

“You need to write a blog if you want to become successful.”

“Blogs are over. Unless you’re somebody, no one will read it, so don’t bother.”

A year ago, I toyed with the idea of starting a blog. I came across a lot of conflicting advice and got stuck trying to figure out my “angle.” Would it be writing advice? Or science-based, maybe interviews with grad students about their research? Teaching cartoon dogs grammar? Themes were important after all, and if I wanted to build a loyal fan base, they had to know what to expect.

Truthfully, I don’t especially care if anyone reads this blog. If you are reading it, follow this link and read my book (The ebook will be free on Amazon Jan. 3-7, 2019). That’s what I really want people to read. That’s where my fans will eventually come from.

No, I’m starting this blog because of one of my favorite authors* recently addressed the question, “Why blog?” He explained there weren’t any practical reasons for writing his own blog. For him, it’s where he gets to speak in his own voice. That admission resonated with me. I had spent so much time searching for that angle, that persona I was going to speak through, that I didn’t consider just being me.

Well, I am now the theme of this blog, for better or worse. One day I could post about a writing struggle, and maybe the next week, a cool science discovery. Who knows? I might write six long paragraphs about my Christmas-saving rum cake that you have to scroll past in order to find the recipe. I hear people love that.

So what’s my goal? One year of weekly posts. Fifty-two chances to document what I’ve learned. Fifty-two chances to panic because the blog goes out today and I don’t have anything written yet. Fifty-two opportunities to be me. And you know what? I’m actually looking forward to it.



*Want to read the post that inspired me? It’s by Drew Hayes.

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