What’s New?

Update July 14, 2018:

The Kindle version of The Kepos Problem is on sale for the next week (July 14-20) for just $0.99 on Amazon (US & UK stores). Here’s the link. It’s also available in paperback. If you have a minute, don’t forget to leave a review!

The second book in the series, The Ven Hypothesis, is back from beta readers, and after some editing it will be out this fall, October 2018.

3D with transparent background

Dione Quinn is a biology nerd, not a fighter, but when a school research trip goes wrong and the Venatorians attack their ship, she doesn’t have much of a choice.

In fact, she has even fewer choices when her best friend, Lithia Min, jumps them to a planet outside the Alliance-protected Bubble. They’ve escaped for now, but they are stranded where no one will find them and one of her classmates has been injured in the attack. The only thing that can save her is on the uncatalogued planet Kepos.

As Dione discovers the truth about the planet and the lengths to which she must go to save her friends, Kepos presents a problem. One that will force Dione to decide: what is her future worth?